Motion Pro 2-Stroke Leak Down Tester

Motion Pro 2-Stroke Leak Down Tester

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  • Description

    Pressure testing is a test performed on a two-stroke engine to ensure that the engine has no air leaks. An air leak in a two-stroke engine can cause a lean condition in engine fuel-air mixture. This in turn can result in engine overheating, piston seizure, detonation etc.

    • Designed to check for air leaks in 2-stroke engines
    • Includes air pressure gauge, pump-up bulb and fittings and adapters for most single and twin cylinder 2-stroke motorcycle engines
    • Packed in a convenient carry box, complete with instructions
    • Made in the USA
    • Made with high quality regulator and gauge. These cost more, but you get a better tool
    • Includes convenient carrying box
    • Instructions included
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