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Motoverde After-Shine 1 Litre

Motoverde After-Shine 1 Litre


  • Description

    ULTIMATE SHINE AND PROTECTION // After-Shine is a specially formulated silicone spray and provides you with the ultimate bike frame protection. After-Shine will leave your plastic and metal parts with a high-gloss finish. After-Shine will also leave behind a protective layer on your bike for your next ride! This product is a refill, no empty bottle or trigger included. Also available in 5L & 25L sizes!

    Why use it?

    • This product is a refill, no empty bottle or trigger is included, but can be purchased separately.
    • Fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging.
    • Designed for use on plastics, metals, aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium. Also, matte-finish friendly!
    • Use whilst your bike is wet! After-Shine contains a self-levelling formulation which evens out areas of uneven application as it dries, leaving your bike streak-free whilst dispersing excess water in the process!
    • Provides your bike with a micro-film of protection, making your next clean easier and quicker! Will not leave a greasy film.
    • Safe for use on all E-Bikes.

    Instructions for use:

    • Refill previously purchased 1L After-Shine bottle.
    • After cleaning your bike with Motoverde Bike Wash, ensure that all traces of WD40 or similar are removed before applying After-Shine.
    • Whilst the bike is still wet, spray After-Shine directly to the bike surface (DO NOT SPRAY ON SEAT, BRAKES or HANDLEBAR GRIPS).
    • Once the bike has been covered, walk away and leave to air dry for 30 minutes (DO NOT USE A CLOTH TO WIPE OVER).
    • Once dried, your bike will possess a high-gloss, protective finish!
    • For matt-finishes, dilute product 1/3 After-Shine to 2/3 water for protection without the high-gloss finish.

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    Health and Safety:

    • Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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