Renthal Twinwall 999 Handlebars - Purple
Renthal Twinwall 999 Handlebars - Purple

Renthal Twinwall 999 Handlebars - Purple



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  • Description

    The Renthal® Twinwall® motocross handlebar features a patented tube within a tube design borrowed from aircraft design principles to achieve the highest strength possible in a moto handlebar.

    Twinwall®'s superior design construction allows it to withstand the hardest hits and biggest get offs without compromise, making it a popular choice to for championship contending athletes worldwide. Since their introduction in 1998, the Twinwall® handlebar has helped more riders win championships than any other handlebar in the world.


    The Twinwall consists of two aluminium alloy tubes, one within the other. This design gives the handlebar additional strength and security. Making Twinwall the toughest handlebar available.

    Covered by: US Patent No. 6182528 & 5832785, GB Patent No. 2321225, US Design No. 431803


    The outer tube is made from 7010 T73 aluminium, which has extreme good resistance to mechanical damage and is anodised to prevent corrosion.

    The inner tube is manufactured from an ultra high strength 7010 T6 aluminium which is hard anodised.

      Every Twinwall comes with a Renthal injection molded foam bar pad.


      Manufactured exclusively with in the Renthal Factory by Renthal manufacturing employees. The Twinwall under goes a 29 step process that sees raw tubing come in and finished handlebars leave the factory.


      Testing plays an important role during the development and production of each Renthal Handlebar.

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