Revvi 18" 500W Electric Bike - Green
Revvi 18" 500W Electric Bike - Green
Revvi 18" 500W Electric Bike - Green

Revvi 18" 500W Electric Bike - Green



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  • Description

    A super light electric-powered motor bike that has been specifically designed for 8-12 year old riders, Weighing in at only 20kg’s. The bike can be used on the slow speed setting (9.5mph) whilst the rider hone’s there skills. Once they gain confidence they can progress onto the medium (13.5mph) and fast (20mph) speed settings. The bike features foldable MX style foot pegs and a full grip twist throttle.  The bike also features Off road rubber air filled tyres suitable for various ground types & a hub motor that delivers reliable performance.  The front and rear suspension offer’s comfort while riding. Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes for great stopping performance. 

    Please read the Revvi Warranty at the bottom of the page in 'Delivery & Returns'.

    -Hydraulic suspension forks – 80mm travel – Adjustable compression and pre-load.

    -Air rear shock – Max 140psi – 30mm travel. You can release pressure from the rear shock to make it softer with slower rebound. 

    -Brushless 36V 500w Hub motor

    -Handlebar pad. 

    -Large rubber air filled off road 18″ 2.5 tyres

    Battery range:

    Slow speed – Approx. 1h 20mins constant use

    Medium speed – Approx. 45mins constant use

    Fast speed – Approx. 25mins constant use

    Please note battery range will vary depending on the speed setting, rider weight and riding conditions

    Three speed settings:

    Slow speed – Approx 9.5mph

     Medium speed – Approx 13.5mph

     Fast speed – Approx 20mph

    Please note speeds stated may vary depending on riding conditions and rider weight.               

    -Charge time: Only 1h 10mins

    -Full grip twist and go throttle with battery level display.

    -Alloy brake levers – Adjustable reach.

    -Hydraulic front and rear disc brakes.

    -Light weight aluminium frame.

    -Aluminium handlebars.

    -Aluminium foldable spring loaded MX style foot pegs.

    -Revvi graphics

    -MX style aluminium rear swing arm

    -External charge port for easy charging without battery removal

    -Lightweight metal spoked 18″ wheels.

    -Anodized handlebar clamp.

    -Anodized quick release seat clamp.

    -Heavy duty adjustable seat.

    -Adjustable handlebar height, allows you to raise the handlebars by 30mm in 10mm increments as the rider grows. 

    Only suitable for riders of 8 years +. It is always at the discretion of parent or person supervising as to the age of the rider. CHILDREN MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. Start riding using the slow speed setting!
  • Delivery & Returns

    Customers have 30 days from when an item arrives to return a purchase to us. All items must be returned in new/unused condition and in original packaging.

    Revvi Warranty Please Read*

    It is advised to keep your original box and packaging throughout your bikes warranty period of 6 months in case the bike needs to be returned to us.

    1. The manufacturer (Revvi) warranties this product to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

    2. This limited warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear parts, bearings, tyres, tubes, chains, sprockets, cables or any damage, failure or loss caused by improper assembly, maintenance, storage or use of the Revvi product.

    3. This limited warranty will be void if this product is ever: Used in a manner other than for recreation and transportation. Modified in anyway.  Used in wet conditions.

    4. Warranty is a PARTS ONLY WARRANTY, It does NOT include labour. If the bike needs to be repaired by us, the bike needs to be returned to us (the place of purchase) at the CUSTOMERS cost. 

    5. Please note if you order a bike for delivery outside of the UK and Ireland you will be liable for the price of postage for any parts supplied under our warranty! Postage cost is only covered on warranty parts to the UK and Ireland.